Bradford Suggestions

I’m going to Bradford for a few days. Looking for places to eat, since most of the online stuff talks about Leeds. I know I need to find a curry - what we’d love to have is something like Chef And Spice in Leicester - good quality buffet since we each have some food issues and would love to pick and choose what we can tolerate. Anyone have any clues on that? So far I’ve just chosen 1914 at the Alhambra. Sadly the culinary colleges are closed for the summer.

PS I have quite a few food reviews to catch up on but where is the time going?

I may not be much help here. My favourite place in Bradford is Mumtaz - mainly Kashmiri food, but not a buffet, I’m afraid. If you can work round that, then I can certainly recommend. It used to be worth the schlep from North Cheshire (about an hours drive) until a new favourite opened closer to home.

As for a buffet, I’ve been to the Manchester branch of Naawab several times (although not recently) and it’s the best buffet I know. They originate from Bradford so I’m assuming their original place would be just as good.

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Thanks, John. There seems precious little written about Bradford that’s not too tourist (museums etc) oriented. Even a #bradfordfoodie search on Instagram resulted in a huge array of burgers, kebabs, doughnuts and the like. Was very disheartening. We imagine getting along with sausages cooked in our kitchenette (from a local butcher, hopefully) and if we end up with M&S Dine In for 2 done there so be it. But I certainly hope it won’t be.

I imagine this is far too late, but for future reference, or for anybody else interested in Bradford eats, it’s worth considering the following places:

Pind - “Taste of Lahore”, more expensive than typical curry places but the meat karahi (on the bone) in particular is excellent. Order by the kg/0.5kg. Traditional Pakistani decor is nice, though table and seat set up not particularly comfortable.

Sultans - A very popular place that built a solid reputation on excellent Pakistani food with great value for money. Was very basic inside. Has recently moved to a new location which I haven’t yet visited and appears to be moving towards more restaurant experience, with prices also having increased.

Abaseen (Leeds Rs) - very limited menu at this takeout/cafe set up, with a focus on their famed Chapli kebabs (well spiced fried beef and onion patties, somewhere between a bhaji and a burger). HUGE portions for well less than a tenner. The fish is worth a go too.

Sweet Centre Restaurant - very long running restaurant with Kashmiri dishes generally done well. There is sweet and snack bar next door on the corner with the same name.

Mumtaz- very good meat biriani and chicken desi masala is pretty solid. Quality and portion size sadly seem to have dropped off a bit over the years. One of the more expensive options for curry.

Yaadgaar - no frills cafeish place recommended for traditional breakfast of halwa puri (sweet semolina, chickpea chole, hot pickle and fried Puri), also do an excellent desi omelette.


Welcome to the forum - and thanks for the useful recommendations.

Good to know that Mumtaz is still worth a visit (although maybe not a special trip from North Cheshire).

Thanks Harters! Just came across this site today. I think I remember your posts from the old Chowhound UK forum which I used about 10 years ago before they messed with the format?!

Yep, I used to play there but came across to HO when it was set up after the “messing about” with Chowhound.

Did you have a different username over there?


My username there was “usualsuspect” but I didn’t post often tbh. I was more of a lurker and follower of London-based-eatery-chat. :slight_smile:

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