Bracero, San Diego

I was recently in San Diego for a conference, and tried a few restaurants based on old threads and recommendations from Chowhound. Bracero, known for its Baja cuisine, was my favorite. I went for both lunch and dinner and prefer dinner because of the expanded menu.

The raw fish dishes were all excellent, and the small hot dishes were full of flavor and texture. They were well conceived and better than many of the dishes I’ve had in the upscale mexican restaurants in the SF Bay Area. I had the octopus, the shrimp and bone marrow sopes, and the beef tartare filled egg.

The least special dishes (everything was good so this opinion is relative to my higher opinion of the raw and hot small plates) were the tacos.

Service was spotty. Sometimes it was good but both meals there were lapses where the waiter didn’t check in for long periods of time.