Boxed Wine?

Any decent red wine blends in 3 liter boxes? I hear good thing about the Black Box brand. Thanks!

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Perhaps this will help…

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I generally keep a BlackBox Pinot Grigios in the fridge. a bit of cooking, a lovely night cap . . .
DW is not a wine fan - so open a bottle, I have to drink it all by myself . . . which is not a good habit…

DD1’s hubbie is a mega-wine buff - extensive “cellar” et. al.
well, DD1 was here, saw my BlackBox, and I got a “Dad!..”

anyway, I have found the BlackBox assortment generally more to my liking that the multiple other boxed offerings.
your taste buds may vary . . . .

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for me, while some boxed wines are serviceable from a value proposition and the environmental benefits are worthy, i’ve not really found any domestics that compete with the quality of the boxed wines i drink when i’m in France. until i found this:

i’m on their mailing list and take advantage of the specials they run a few times per year.

Something like this was available for grown-ups tangentially/accidentally attending a kid’s birthday party (we had a second squeeze of the spigot):

If you can find it, I really like this boxed Italian red:

Thanks for all the input! I went to my local big box liquor store to buy Black Box Red Blend, it was out of stock. They had cabernet and pinot noir so I picked up the pinot. It’s fruity but definitely quaffable for me as I am not too fussy. I’m anxious to try the red blend because although pinot is my favorite wine, it is difficult to grow and low yield. I’m thinking they can make a nice red blend using more prolific, less expensive grapes. I should have mentioned in my original post that I’d like to keep the price for a 3L box under $25.00.