Bowlarama [Acton, MA]

Snow-tubing was sold out this weekend and we had to do something. Candlepin bowling at the Acton Bowlarama! We all love to bowl (albeit mostly poorly) and we had the whole place to ourselves for most of the late morning/early afternoon. Our thoughts turned to lunch (we had already started on beers…Dogfish 60 Minute IPA, in cans). I love old-school bowling alley pizza. Does anyone else? The Acton Bowlarama specimen is no different. Greasy, delicious, goes down way too easy.



I love bowling alley pizza too. We used to have our daughter’s birthday parties at the local one and always ordered pizzas. Unfortunately it’s now being torn down and replaced by condos.


Sounds like such fun! This place has been hiding in plain sight from me, because I can’t count the number of times I have driven past.