Bourdain use to troll foodie sites

Provoke nerd fury online. Go to a number of foodie websites with discussion boards. Let’s say you’re going to Kuala Lumpur — just post on the Malaysia board that you recently returned and had the best rendang in the universe, and give the name of a place, and all these annoying foodies will bombard you with angry replies about how the place is bullshit, and give you a better place to go.

Couldn’t find a good place to put this but found it hilarious. Please move if there’s a better place. So did AB troll HO? I’m sure he trolled CH. (And yeah, I’m sure he was saying god damn MF’ers under his breathe the whole time.)


Don’t click on this article. Too much weird stuff pops up.

I didn’t get any pop-ups. In any case, the quote (by AB) I posted is really all you need to know.

Yes, from the year 2013.