Bourbon-Barrel-Aged Cabernet???

I’ll just post this here, step back, and wait for comments.

Robert Mondavi site linki

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I’ll volunteer to try it. Maybe it has a high alcohol content :blush::wine_glass:

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My first thought was “Does Constellation own a bourbon distillery?”

Then, I started having second thoughts and find the entire idea repulsive . . .


They’e aging all sort so of things in bourbon casks these days – scotch, gin, tequila, mustard, bacon, … you name it

I’ve tried it and enjoyed the Mondavi. It’s a very good cabernet for the price point – I paid 12.99 last time. It’s about $2 better than the sibling black label cabernet, and costs about $2-3 more. I can’t taste anything bourbon -related. It just seems a little smoother. My wife prefers it to the cheaper stuff, so I buy it.

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I bought a bottle today. I quite like it too. I can smell bourbon and to me it has a smokey, oaky slight bourbon taste.

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I’m in the same boat. I detected zero bourbon cask effect. It’s a decent wine that serves as an everyday drink, at best.

We had tequila aging in one of our bourbon barrels as well as Privateer rummaging in our used bourbon barrels