Bouillon Bilk -- approx how long is dinner course?

I’m about to make a dinner reservation for a Friday evening pre-show at Place des Arts.

I have never been to BB and would like to get an approx. idea of how long the set course should take, in order to schedule dinner at a leisurely pace with enough time to make an 8:00 PM showtime.


EDIT: I always like to show up at least 25 min. early to find our seats, use the washroom, have a glass of wine at the bar if there’s time (otherwise, intermission). Does 5:45 PM seem like a reasonable dinner time to enjoy a meal at B.B. w/o feeling too rushed and still getting over to PdA by 7:30-7:45-ish?

I haven’t been to Place des Arts in roughly 10 years; would you recommend parking in their lot before dinner or looking for street parking on St-Laurent (near the restaurant) and just walking back to PdA after dinner and leaving the car on the street? I do remember the traffic around St-Laurent can be pretty frustrating before an event at PdA.

EDIT #2: This restaurant uses a fantastic reservation system and they respond to messages within minutes! Feel free to ignore or delete this entire thread as I’ve just confirmed with the restaurant that 5:45 PM should be fine.