Bouillabaisse for My Cooking the World Project

I’m cooking a meal from every country in one year, and this bouillabaisse was on day 94 for Monaco. I garnished it with croutons made from homemade baguettes and rouille (minced roasted red bell peppers and garlic mixed with mayo… make extra, it’s worth it :raised_hands:t2:). This meal made it to my top 5 so far. Maybe even top 3. I’m normally a pretty light eater when it comes to seafood soups. If they have any old fish taste at all I’m out. This was hands down the best one I’ve ever eaten! We had two full helpings each. It came together really fast (I used store bought seafood broth). It was so good I’ll use the same recipe again (thanks nytimes)

I was excited for my kids to try mussels and clams but I didn’t anticipate how messy they would be! My two year was using the shells as a spoon for the broth and it was everywhere. I think half her soup ended up in her lap. But they loved everything!

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