Bottled sauce with steak . Yay or nay ?

I generally prefer a nice steak with salt and pepper . I have been hooked on the HP sauce for a while now . I put a little on the side . At first I didn’t like it but it’s got some flavor I really like . Dates ? Anyway never ever put a bottled sauce on a steak ? Or you do like a steak sauce ? If so what brand ? Plenty of great pan sauces to make but this is about store bought .

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A squeeze of lemon will enhance the beef flavor.

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In the UK we’d be much less inclined to use bottled sauce with steak at home than our friends in the US. Steak is quite a big ticket item here ($16+/pound for anything remotely edible), so most people would shy away from adding factory produced sauce-like substance. Bernaise is often offered in restaurants, along with peppercorn and sometimes blue cheese. Having said that, very many people like a blob of ready made-up English mustard on the side of the plate, or jarred horseradish sauce with roast beef.

I guess that because of our lower steak consumption there’s only a very small market for US style steak sauces here, which is why they’re rarely seen on supermarket shelves.

We use HP mainly on cooked breakfasts.


Steak sauce is like a crime in my family.

When I started dating my husband, he asked for BBQ sauce on his steak and I refused.

I found out later that his dad was just terrible at grilling meat and cooked the heck out of all meats.

He has since learned hat a properly cooked steak should be like.


Son number three used “steak sauce” on every kind of meat in our house, for years. He’s become a meat cutter at a local market recently, and the sauce usage has stopped altogether! :confounded:

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I like the flavor of A1, but I only use it on steak if it’s overcooked - so in other words, I haven’t used A1 since I learned to cook! For lean cuts like flank steak, I often make chimichurri or a board sauce consisting of garlic paste, some fresh herbs and olive oil, which mingles with the steak juice as it rests and forms a sort of sauce. For any steakhouse cut, like a porterhouse, T-bone or ribeye, I generally eat it with just salt.

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I haven’t owned a bottle of A1 in decades, but used to know a guy who would marinate his steaks in the stuff. Unfortunate, since it meant that expensive steaks tasted no different than cheap ones.

HP at our house goes on bacon sandwiches, on chicken fingers,other breakfast savories, and as a flavor boost in shepherd’snpie.

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Mark asks for A1 Sauce with his steak and potato, but for the potato, not the steak. It’s lower in calories than butter and sour ream.

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Going against popular opinion here, but I actually really like A1. If I’m eating a really expensive, perfectly prepared steak I’ll forgo it, but generally I like a little splash.

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In my younger days there was something very magically mysterious about overcooked steak and A1. It just felt like…adulthood for me.

Haven’t had A1 with a steak much in the last 20 years, but I’ve found other things I do enjoy with my steak. Chimichurri is probably my favorite.

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