Boston's axis of ramen

so I was craving ramen today thus did a Google search for “ramen in Waltham” and the resulting map suggests that there is some strange temporal rift causing all the ramen places to be in a strange line between me and downtown. Found it unusual. (Now to try to upload my first image)

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i am going to be in boston at the end of december and without a car. is there any good ramen restaurants within the boston metro area

A few! Ganko - Coolidge Corner in Brookline. Santouka - Harvard Sq in Cambridge. Pikaichi - Allston. Sapporo - Porter Sq Cambridge. All accessible by public transportation. I’m sure others can chime in with more options.

Just moved to the area so still learning myself.

From this list I’ve only been to Sapporo ramen in porter square. It was very good. A little space essentially in a mini food court above the T.

Someone had recommended Yume wo katare (?) right there too but it is only open for dinner. Anyone been there. Also a tiny tiny noodle only spot.

Yume Wo Katare in Porter Square is very good, but too much of a gut bomb for me to enjoy regularly.

My current favorite is Ganko Ittesu in Coolidge Corner. For me, there is a clear gap between Ganko and other options. Link to a thread with more info below:

Yume Wo Katare is the best ramen of its kind in Boston, easily, but it’s a very unique experience. There’s nothing subtle here: you get a huge bowl of thick, fatty pork broth with thick ramen noodles, topped with big hunks of fatty pork, raw garlic, sprouts, and – if you request it – extra pork fat. If you manage to finish it, you’ll come staggering out and want to lie down afterwards. It’s delicious, but definitely not the kind of ramen I’d want on a regular basis.

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Wow, just reading that started clogging my arteries. How much will a bowl set you back, approximately?

I believe a bowl is $12. You can add extra pork for $2, but you do not need it.

Its a sign from the ramen gods that you need to do a ramen crawl in one day.