Boston, Seaport dinner - seafood option?

Hi all,

I am looking for opinions on a couple of seafood-focused restaurants in Seaport (we are staying in that area). Row 34 and Hook+Line both look excellent. Does anyone have any thoughts? Much appreciated!




There is recent feedback on Hook + Line in this thread here:

Row 34 is really good, and recent reviews are positive for Hook + Line. You get the view with Hook + Line, while Row 34 is a darker, space if that matters. Row 34 has a larger aw bar, if that’s your jam.

Seafood will be well represented on a lot of restaurant menus in the area, so it will depend on what you’re looking for. Ocean Prime and Mastro’s are high end chains with an outpost there, as does Legal Seafood (this one is a further walk down towards the docks). If you prefer super casual, you have Yankee Lobster and James Hooks book-ending both edges of the Seaport. ReelHouse will be raw bar centric with a few dishes on a small menu, but in a great space right at the edge of the pier so you look out at the water.

Edit: Just adding that most of these locations are within a block to a few blocks of each other, along with other restaurants too. Your longest walk would be towards the docks which might be a 15-20 minute stroll.


Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! Sounds like we are spoiled for choice :slight_smile:

Wonderful all-encompassing rundown @kobuta


@majortomm Hit them both and report back!

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Challenge accepted :grin:

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Just wanted to report back that we had a wonderful
dinner at Hook+Line. Highlights included the spicy brown butter crab dip (multiples were ordered) and the whole roasted branzino. The wine list was also excellent - a bottle of Prager Riesling 2014 was the favourite wine of the evening.

We hope to return to Boston soon to enjoy more of your many fine restaurants!


Thanks for reporting back! Glad you had such an enjoyable dinner!

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Majortomm - thank you for starting to collect requested data.

I’ll try the crab dip next time!