Boston’s 50 best new restaurants - The Boston Globe

My comments, as posted to Devra First’s facebook wall:

anon6418899 Po Boys is over 3 years old. I tried it and it was okay. Maybe sub in the new Shaking Crab, also in Newon. I would trade Chettinad for Godavari, a stunning pan-regional Indian restaurant that has a strong South Indian profile no matter the dish. The Paper Dosa is a big as a bazooka and crisp the entire way through, amazing. Cha Yen will hit 2 years in April I believe, I personally discovered it October of 2014. It’s still stunning, but I guess I’d sub Gin U Dee or Four Spoons or Manow. I will always give business to Cha Yen though. Lowell had some interesting openings like Tech Heng, but it probably is out of the “Boston area”. I would take Hojoko off in favor of Sousaku in Newton, it’s Japanese fusion done right. I’d include Chilacates, the tacos al pastor de trompo is a daily work of art. In the Tacos section El Jefe is absent, it’s where Taco Truck and Felipe’s, which was included, used to be. If Baldwin Bar deserves a mention because of renovations, so does Mu Lan, which gained another gear with Chinese specials menu and a nice renovation. They now have the best Xiao Long Bao in Boston in my opinion. It is far better than Dumpling Palace overall. Sadly, like the Globe reader/commenters said, I don’t either have much to offer in Mattapan, Roxbury, Dorchester, but Fiskie’s Cafe is seriously interesting if you want Wuhan spicy duck heads. It did open in 2013, but it’s practically unknown outside of UMass Boston students. I have other recommendations for those neighborhoods but I haven’t tried them myself yet so won’t mention.

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Darn I forgot JP. Aurum and Pikalo are fun little shops that put out good product.


Is Sosaku in Newton or Malden? I found a location in Malden via a quick Google. Either way it looks great and I’m gonna check it out soon. Thanks.

Sousaku Bistro is located in Malden (I learned of it via one of anon6418899‘s posts). It is indeed an interesting place with unique food - though I personally found it quite rich (in the Bon Chon style of deep fried foods). It’s the sort of place I’d go with a crowd to celebrate.

Regarding the article itself, I don’t have much to add as I’ve not been to most of the places listed.
I would go with Ganko Ittetsu over Santouka for ramen which I’m not crazy about after trying several times.

I’d add MDM and/or Live Noodles to the list.

I’d agree with MDM! I thought of it just after I posted ofc…

tech heng is spitting distance from simply khmer. how does it compare?

Any opinions on whether Tasty Mo:Mo or MoMo and Curry is better?

Tech Heng’s menu is smaller but the sampling I tried has more detailed execution. The Har Mok was tremendous.

Personally, Tasty’s chili sauce slathered version takes it for me. But both good.