Boston Restaurants with the most Level 3 violations

Pretty scary. But not surprised by some of them.

Welp, never visiting Chatime again. Caught using toothpaste to clean & sanitize cooking equipment??

I’ve used toothpaste to clean a silver bracelet, but never in the kitchen to clean! Ugh!

Works so well on the mouth, why not save a step and get it right in your food? Also good for patching holes in your dorm room wall.

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Well, at least the stuff is safe to go in the mouth. I had a college roommate who thought it was a good idea to use a large cooking pot to hold mop water, as she mopped the dorm room floor.

I wish that database at the end of the article included more of the burbs. I’m always curious about those things.

Why should I care? It’s just soap. Minty, sandy soap.

…because it’s toothpaste. Toothpaste doesn’t sanitize kitchen equipment, and as you say, it’s “minty and sandy”, two qualities that I don’t really want added to my food.

I wouldn’t want dish soap in my food either. Presumably after you wash the stuff with dish soap or toothpaste, you know, you rinse it off.

Yes, thanks. I get that. But there’s a reason that the health inspectors don’t exactly recommend Crest to clean the kitchenware, and will close your restaurant if they catch you doing it repeatedly. If you want to, hey, go for it!

Set aside the issue whether one should use toothpaste for cleaning equipment, I don’t understand the why- toothpaste on a per unit basis, isn’t exactly cheap.

That’s why I use Comet on my teeth.