Boston/ NE board- next steps

Hi Boston/ NE!

There was a thread about this board a few days ago on how we can make this board more lively. I think we are fairly maxed out when it comes to getting the word out to friends from the old playground with the article and personal invites. Over the next few days I am going to reach out to members from other inactive Boston/ NE area food boards to get the word out.

If you get a message from me, just ignore :slightly_smiling: If you see new members on the board, be sure to welcome them!

BTW, besides forums, does Boston have any food-related Facebook/ Yahoo/ Google groups? Are there meet up groups, etc.? In other words, where are the places where there is (preferably) large group of people (hopefully) knowledgeable about the Boston/ NE area dining?

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One question- who are the good food writers in the Boston area, and what geographical area/ cuisine do they cover? Needs not be super well known, just needs to be great with their craft. Trying to get the words out to their followers.


MC Slim JB, who was always a valuable Chowhound denizen (and may still be, for all I know and who I wish would gravitate here) writes for the Improper Bostonian is the best one. Covers mainly Boston proper and surrounding towns.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

For Providence RI mainstream writers, I really only know of Gail Ciampa at the Providence Journal.

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Thanks Passingthru.

I am going to test following their followers. Think of the critics ‘I respect and want to read.’ and the kind of people who read those critics that ‘I want to hang out here with’. Ideally not just the most famous ones because every one knows them. But also the lesser known good ones that the followers are probably more hard core food lovers. Thanks.

if that’s your angle, you may also want to look at the followers for Frederic Yarm who bartends at Loyal Nine and writes the Cocktail Virgin blog which has great drink recipes on it. I feel like I have seen him maybe post here at times in booze threads.

There’s also Hidden Boston who is fantastic for news from the ground on openings etc. but who has a crazy amount of followers so I’m not sure how useful that’ll be.

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