Boston MA rally Sat, Aug. 19

Here is a copy of a Facebook post by Devra First, Food Editor of the Boston Globe, in case anyone needs the info:

Devra First,

On Saturday, Lala Rokh, jm Curley, Bin 26, and Bogie’s Place will stay open as safe spaces, if you are in the area and need somewhere to go: “We will not stand for racism. We will not stand for bigotry. We will not stand for hatred. There’s no place for it at our restaurants. There’s no place for it in Boston. And there’s absolutely no place for it in our country. We refuse to move backwards.”


More info on Boston restaurant involvement from Eater:

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I was on the Common with spring onion this afternoon, visiting my office on Tremont Street. I felt sick to my stomach watching the barricades going up and then again afterwards hearing that 500 police officers will be deployed. While I believe in free speech, I have to disagree with Marty Walsh’s decision to let the rally happen. I hope I’m proven wrong. We will stay far far away from Boston proper tomorrow but I’m glad that there are places of refuge for people who head into town to (hopefully peacefully) fight the good fight. Food is such an important thing on so many levels in my Korean culture so I’m glad there are restaurants that are taking a stand.


It is certainly surreal. I loved attending/participating in the Women’s March, but am too anxious about the potential for chaos and violence tomorrow so I won’t be there either. Kudos to those who feel the need to attend and make a statement, though. And the restaurants that rely so heavily on a diverse work force are showing their support and appreciation on economic and symbolic levels. Be safe, everyone.


My baby sister and her husband will be there; just sent them these links - thank you for sharing them, @bear.

May everyone stay safe.