Boston, MA: July 2017 Openings and closings!!!

The months just keep flying by, so it’s time for another round of brand spanking new joints optimistically throwing their doors open and other weary, long-in-the-tooth places going belly up.

So what do you have? What’s new? What’s going?

word is that the new Hunan place in Kendall (Sumiao Hunan Kitchen) will be open in a couple weeks.

the jianbing stand inside potluck cafe in chinatown has closed

They actually just relocated to Hulun Beir in Beacon Hill, where they are now one of the business partners. New menu items are on offer as well.

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Speaking of Hunan, Sei Bar in Wakefield has transformed into an authentic Hunan restaurant. anon6418899 and I went a couple weekends ago and were impressed. In fact all of the patrons were constantly exclaiming about how pleased they were.

huh, I have never even heard of this place. Seems worth a look, esp. if they are partnering with the jianbing stand. Great info, thank you!

Has anyone been to MuLan by Kendall recently? It seems like it just re-opened.

thanks for the tip

it used to be little lamb restaurant

The space formerly known as iYo in Davis Square has a sign in the window “Snappy boston” coming soon, with Snappy Ramen’s logo. No idea what they’re doing- moving? Reinventing? Going back to sushi?

I tried to go for lunch on a weekday recently, but it was slammed - totally full with a line of people waiting. I didn’t have time to wait, so will try again another time. I’m glad they are doing well and hope they are as great as they were before the fire.

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Pammy’s has opened on the old India Castle space between Central and Harvard Squares in Cambridge. The build out looks very nice and the bar will be open until 1a.

Pammy’s bills itself as a " new american trattoria". I was hoping for more of a neighborhood spot, but prices trend toward the higher end. I suppose that is the new norm in Cambridge. With the location between the squares and no parking or valet, it will be interesting to see if that impacts them. Metered parking on Mass Ave has become quite scarce in that area. Due to the presence of so many strong Italian options at the high end, the bar for their food will be very high in order to win my business from Giulia and Benedetto at essentially the same price point.

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Cafe du Pays has opened in Cambridge the former Hungry Mother space.
Wagamama in Harvard Square has closed.

South of the Cloud has replaced the sushi place (Umai, not the other small one thankfully) in Brighton Center.

The name is a literal translation of the Yunnan Province in China, bordering Myanmar and Sichuan. However, the menu on yelp seems to be mainly not-spicy rice noodle that comes with pork and spam (why?), instead of the signature Crossing the Bridge Noodle of Yunnan with chicken, raw quail egg, lots of raw vegetable cooked in boiling hot schmaltz-enriched broth. Dubious menu choices, but I guess it can’t hurt to have another provincial cuisine being somewhat represented in Boston.


according to their Instagram account, Sumiao Hunan has soft opened in Kendall. Reservations onlythrough the 26th.

Apparently there is a new place near Arlington Center in the old Madrona Tree spot, Twryl Pasta Bistro. Not sure I am going to take one for the team at this spot but you never know. The map on their site shows 315 Broadway in Cambridge rather than Arlington which is kind of sad.

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Their home page does have the correct address at least. That is an expensive plate of pasta… maybe it will be excellent. I bet my daughter will know soon enough. If so, I will report back.

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Oh good. Would be worth it to me if it were truly excellent.

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I sent them an email right after I posted yesterday, telling them their map was wrong. It is fixed! So at least they are paying attention to emails.

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Ritu Ki Rasoi alert - no Wednesday evening buffet until 8/15, though their FB post to that effect did not say if they’ll be open for menu orders.

gong cha is opening in the old juice bar location on harrison ave in chinatown

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