Boston, MA etc. March, 2018!!! Openings & Closings...

Eater and Hidden Boston sure do cover a lot of ground on this front, but if you’ve got a scoop (or if you want to babble on about something new you tried or weep about an old fave that’s gone) then, well, this here is your thread.

Have at it.

While it’s not anything special, the Brickhouse pizza shop on Washington St near the St Elizabeth’s ER has finally re-opened. We like their pizza, and i’m sure the folks at St E’s are happy to have this pizza/sub shop back .

Hoppy’s BBQ in Peabody has closed and will be missed. Limited parking, limited seating but great BBQ. FF was excellent.

Yesterday, I noticed that the Bertucci’s in Kenmore Square was closed and has Auction signs in the window.

huh, that place got a lot of love on the North Shore Eats Facebook page. didn’t last long.

3 amigos on main street in malden is officially open

saigon chicken house has opened in the old pho so 1 location on adams street in dorchester


Pokeworks in Harvard Square looked to be open.


el penol is opening a second location in the old juan’s taqueria space on broadway in revere

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I saw a sign for an Ethiopian restaurant in a storefront on Mass Ave in North Cambridge between Hana Sushi and Qingdao Garden. I think the space used to be a small Asian market. No indication of opening date and windows completely covered in brown paper.

oh yeah, Boston Restaurant Talk posted about this some months back–it’s called Sheger & is maybe supposed to be owned by the same folk who run the hair salon nearby. Promising–could make that block even more interesting…

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Pita Cambridge, a casual/takeout outpost of Moona around the corner opened earlier this month at 12 Springfield St (old Olecito space) in Inman. Stopped by today a little after 10 as they were opening. Took out a “shawafel” rollup (chicken shawarma and felafel). It was quite tasty, especial with liberal dollops of their 60¢ hot sauce, but I waited to eat the sandwich a bit too late – the felafel had gone to mush. The next time I’ll try me some naked balls.

Their pita is packaged – my dream is that some place will beak fresh pita all day in-house to rival Dizengoff’s at Chelsea Market in NYC (haven’t tried the newly opened Miznon there, yet).

The humus was fine, if you don’t mind a slightly grainy texture, although a little too lemony for me to love. There was a tray of fresh-looking baklava on the counter but I resisted.

They offer more ambitious dishes, too: lambshanks with chickpeas and chicken tagine (every day, they say, though the printed menu does not), and couscous on Fridays. I’d like to try them, but at 10 in the morning the three lambshanks on view in a steamtray looked a little dry on top, as if they were shanks from some time ago. Still, I’d like to give some of these dishes a shot.


Have you tried Saloniki in Cambridge? I’ve been a couple of times and the pita has always been freshly griddled and warm. It is a smallish pocketless pita. I can’t remember if Gre.Co in Boston does, but it’s a similar concept to Saloniki and I believe the pita is really fresh.

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No I have not tried either place. Thanks for the tips.

supposedly there’s a newish Taiwanese hot pot place at 70 Brighton Ave in Allston, called Pot Bar

Bab Korean Bistro opens this week in Brookline. So far, there’s no menu posted online.

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How Amsterdamish. (Or, I guess, soon Massachusettsish.)

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little sheep hot pot is opening next to dumpling cafe on washington street in chinatown