Boston MA area opening/closings, July 2016

The Boston Globe reports that Tom’s BaoBao will open in Harvard Square July 12 (next to Shake Shack):

Any other news?

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Ribelle’s last service is tonight.

La Hacienda in Simerville has closed, sadly. Too few places like that left. When I took my kids there I felt likeliness connecting back to something in my childhood with my father.

Crazy that property sold for $5MM. Commercial real estate is really out of control in Greater Boston.

…and also River Gods will not be coming back from its summer vacation. Body blows for me today, one after the other…

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dim sum chef in the food court at hong kong market in allston has closed

harvest hot pot restaurant is opening in the old two paisans pizzeria location on main street in malden

WHAT?! NOOOOO!!! Damnit.

Lots of rumblings out there (hiddenboston and elsewhere) that Ames Deli and Study may close for good instead of merge.

Boston Magazine confirms the story (and one of the owners posted that link on their social media):

I was there the Tuesday before they closed. I did not know it was going to happen, but the place wasn’t too busy and soon we were the last guests. The drinks were very good as always, but the business didn’t seem to be.

cafe corner bakery is opening in the old maxim coffee house location at the corner of beach street and harrison ave in chinatown

not nearly as devastating as ames’s demise, but po boy in newton (ma) has apparently closed.
where can we get good po boys now? preferably closer than nola.

but to break this streak of bad news from the past month: little donkey will open this coming monday! this could almost make up for ames.

also, mamaleh’s deli opened 2 days ago. (and nobody’s mentioned it yet? shame!)

Really fun segment on Radio Boston about Jewish deli’s in the area, and it was great to hear how enamored Corby Kummber, Boston Magazine’s food critic, is of the brand new Mamaleh’s in Kendall Square.

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this place looks great. i’m also really curious about the other place mentioned in the Boston magaine writeup about Mamaleh’s–Steve “Nookie” Postal’s Steinbones Jewish barbecue. Seems intriguing.

Not Your Average Joe’s in Medford at Station Landing apparently closed June 29. We (parents escaping home for an hour) have gone there at the half price appetizer happy hour, but we won’t miss it. I’d say it’s a good closure except that with the newish hotel right next door, and Margaritas still there, who knows what will be the next tenant. We were told a Wegmans is moving in to the complex.

Forge Ice Cream Shop has opened on Somerville Ave. in Somerville MA. The owners are two former Herrell’s employees and the ice cream is very good.

Oh good to know! Thanks for the post.

My first impression of Mamaleh’s wasn’t great. After ordering a bagel & lox I was quickly told that they didn’t have any house made lox but were using something they bought, but I should definitely come back and try their lox because it is less salty and really good. Way to get me excited for a substitute product. This was relatively early in the am, so not like they had the entire day to sell out. Not having (nearly) enough of your signature lox to meet demand on your opening weekend weekend is a pretty JV move. The pastrami was pretty good but a bit on the dry side. For me, I certainly won’t scratch the itch that only a trip to NY can satisfy. It seems as if it could be excellent with some tweaking so here’s hoping.

The bagel had good chew and crust. I will be back to try other things at some point after they have had a few months of a shakedown cruise. Unfortunately, it seems like they focused more on their PR and getting their yiddish schtick down before opening than the actual food itself.

Dig Inn is open on Boylston / Copley Square.

Dumpling Kingdom is open on Harvard Ave.

World of Beer is open near Lechmere.

Otto Pizzeria is open in Arlington.

SweetGreen in the Back Bay has been temporarily closed by the city for numerous health code violations. They might want to throttle back on the expansion and pay a little bit more attention to QC.

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