Boston MA area opening/closings, January 2016

The last one of these seemed semi-useful, so may as well do this again.

Hidden Boston said yesterday that the long running Aegean restaurant in Watertown is shutting down. Also, Moksa in C. Square went belly up last week of December.

Also, Ten Tables in Cambridge apparently abruptly closed on New Year’s Eve, according to Eater.

Boy, that sure sucks for the staff. And right after the expenses of the holiday.

Finale in Park Plaza “finale” closed

that does really suck for the staff

Good riddance!

That’s too bad. I wonder what will go into that space. I never loved Ten Tables as I thought it was not as good as the original location. Also, I was hoping for something equally spectacular in the original Craigie space. Maybe this time…

Second this. I went there for the first time recently and had by far the worst and most expensive tiramisu I’ve ever had, with truly bizarre service. We were told we could not get water because it was “against the rules”. Halfway thru our dessert, the waiter came over with glasses of water and whispered, “I’m breaking the rules!”. Uh, okay!

The Aegean had problems paying their bills for some time so this comes as no surprise (plus the owner was a jerk). I will miss their lamb riblettes though!

Moksa lost their highly touted chef and bar manager within a few months of opening and lost all sense of direction. So the owner is going from Om (Indian?) and Moksa (Asian?) to … American?

I never went there, but all I ever heard the first few months was that the service was a complete mess so I never really made an effort to get there.

I never saw anyone in there other than when they had a show or special event.

iYo Bistro in Davis has re-opened. Their board now touts “world famous falafel” and grilled sandwiches. The self serve fro-yo is still there.

Framingham location has the lamb ribs. That and a salad and I’m happy.

Per Eater John Harvards has finally decided to stop brewing their swill. The mix of horrible beer and service was just too much so they’re just sticking with the horrible service.
I was there a few months ago and ordered a Kolsch (lighter, crisp ale) only to receive a pint of yeast. The bartender told me it was supposed to look like that (opaque) so I refused the beer and got something else. I noticed the Kolsch had cleared up after she poured a few pints out. Why blatantly lie to a customer about an obviously off beer?

The Plate is finally open at the Milton Marketplace in East Milton Sq, replacing the Marketplace Cafe and A Lighter Fare (RIP). I’ve never been to their original location, but would love to know if anyone has any experience at the new outpost.

Hidden Boston sez that a place called Joy Luck Restaurant appears to be moving into the old McD’s spot on Washington St in Chinatown, may be a hot pot joint. Happy to see a Chinese spot take over a fast food restaurant down that way, I have trepidations about real estate pressure on the restaurants of Chinatown after the closing of Xinh Xinh etc.

moksa also had problems paying their bills. they tried to be a restaurant prime-time and then a sceney nightclub later in the p.m. just decide, people. :confused:

As I was driving through Newton this afternoon, I noticed a couple of new places. Sorry if they’ve already been mentioned. The Shaking Crab on Adams St., according to Yelp, is a Cajun Creole place with a full bar. Sangria Restaurant and Tapas Bar is in the old Vecchia Roma spot on Watertown St.

For what it’s worth, reviews on Yelp of both places were quite positive.

Only sort of a “closing”, but according to Eater, Journeyman is closing to renovate in mid-February to remove all of their ovens and replace them with a wood-burning stove. They’re also promising to eliminate all sous-vide and molecular gastronomy from the menu. I’m not sure what kind of menu they have in mind, but I’m fascinated.

An opening of sorts…Lex Community Farm is hosting the first Lexington Farmers’ Winter Market starting this Saturday, Jan 9, and occurring very other Saturday. C’mon down to the farm, y’all!