Boston, MA and environs, August 2016 Openings and Closings!

It’s that time, yet again. Anything new opening? Anything old closing? The world wants to know.

K2 Cafe is now open near MIT. Kendall Square= K2 for the scientific minds over there.

Brelundi has opened a sit-down restaurant serving beer and wine in the Waltham Watch Factory.

Doowee at Monroe (fka Moksa) in Central Square soft-opened this week. The spicy chicken hearts and bao we had tonight brought back happy memories of Doowee & Rice at Powderhouse. Currently open 4P - 10P with a short menu. I hope Tran can make a go of it there.


I never got to Doowee. I really have to make it down there to try this.

well, that was quick. Eater Boston reports that the DooWee inside Monroe’s in C Sq is on indefinite hiatus

Rats. I was hoping to hit it up soon.

Yeah, dang. I found out when trying to go back there this evening. From what I can tell the issues are the venue’s, not Tran’s.

That sucks. I was going there for lunch yesterday after my Dr Appt. It was 10:50 when I landed in Central. I did not want to wait and went to Pho Viet. I should have waited

The Quincy outpost of Winsor Dim Sum is supposed to be ready for opening tomorrow, August 8th. The new signs are up and the papered windows are cleared. It’s in the old CJ Restaurant space at 716 Hancock St (in Wollaston). The English sign reads Winsor Dim Sum & Bar, so I’m a little curious about that bar part…

Fat Hen, owned by the La Brasa folks, opened this week in Somerville, right next to La Brasa.

It looks like the DTX location of Lukes Lobster is getting close to opening.

actually walked by again this morning and I’d be surprised if they are open by the end of august.

assorted reports out there that Totto Ramen is going to open a branch at Assembly Square. With that in mind, is there anything out there now that’s worth eating at? The SO really wants to check it out, and though I’m not all that enthused I’ll probably humor her at some point and go see what it’s like. Any opinions on the best eating choice out there now?

do you mean eating choices at Assembly Row or eating choices for ramen?

We live 3 minutes away so go there often when we need a quick outing away from home. But it’s out of default. I wouldn’t go there as a dining destination. If you go at peak hours, parking can get difficult.

But if you go to shop, or walk along the river, the newish Southern Kin Cookhouse has some options I’ve found interesting…I’m from NC…I really like their version of fried okra, pimento cheese fritters, biscuits, and some of the salads. I haven’t tried the fried chicken, alligator whatever, etc. It’s kind of expensive and the service is either really great or somewhat neglectful. It’s packed most of the time and the hours they serve the full menu are not posted on the website. They don’t answer the telephone.

The Legal there is OK. We’ve been to the Fuji several times; that ranges from good to OK. The Paul Bakery is crowded, counter service, OK but very loud and hassled. We went to the Outback once out of desperation and it was extremely loud and horrible. I’d avoid the chains there except Legal, perhaps. Only tried RiverBar once and that was for brunch and we were inside. Haven’t gone back.

Did you notice CJ was there for about an hour and a half. Let’s hope Winsor is there for at least a week. Sorry, but I miss the Alumni and its greasy pizzas.

Waypoint outside of Harvard Square looks very close. The paper in the windows is down as of this morning. Contractors are putting finishing touches on the space, but some of the opening staff was onsite this morning overseeing final details. The space looks gorgeous as expected. Can’t wait.

Just down the block, Tbaar is looking to open another juice/smoothie outlet next to Dumpling House.

Assembly Row was what I meant. Thanks for the tips!

Hidden Boston just posted some great sounding news about some new DooWee Tran projects. (sounds like the Monroe thing is toast).

Key quote from the chef’s Instagram account:

“I’ve signed on to do a 4500-5000sq ft seafood restaurant. Meanwhile while we secure a location for that, One World Cuisine who runs Dosa Factory and more wants me to take control of Bao nation to do my baos and anything I want so im turning it into a late night asian street food market since they have a walk up window, modeling it after Asia’s night markets. Baos, poke, wings, fries/poutine cones, papaya salads, skewers.”

some other stuff too, at the chef’s Instagram post about it:

hat tip for Hidden Boston for the news.

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Wait, so this is a new location/partnership, right? Doo Wee has had so much transition, my head is starting to spin and keep straight as to what the plans are, where, and when.

@CocoDan " Did you notice CJ was there for about an hour and a half. Let’s hope Winsor is there for at least a week. Sorry, but I miss the Alumni and its greasy pizzas. "

Last weekend, there was a long line to get in to Winsor, and it deterred me from giving it a try. I hope that’s a good start. I’ve never seen anyone going in or dining at CJ for its short lifespan. The early reviews were fairly lukewarm to terrible. Seemed like CJ didn’t know what they wanted to be – Chinese? Vietnamese? Bar? Lounge? Neighborhood restaurant? The non-descript, ambiguous name didn’t help. If Winsor’s got dim sum on par with the one in Boston, I hope it survives.