Boston Kebab replaces Demos Waltham, Iftar Menu [146 Lexington St Waltham, MA 02452]

Demos changed hands a year or two ago and slid down pretty badly. I never went to either the Watertown or Waltham locations when it was the same management, but I had the unfortunate experience of trying the new management in Waltham last year sometime. It was bad. I was always pretty down on Greek in Boston, because not even Astoria Queens is that amazing, so why would I even bother here? So yea, never tried Demos Watertown.

The joint as it stands has a sad look to it, like a non-cheery Friendly’s from a parallel universe done up by pretty good DIY’ers who bought all the building materials from Home Depot. I don’t think even the police officers across the street could stomach it, and they have pretty strong stomachs. Still, the new staff is giving it a new lease on life.

Anyway, Boston Kebab, with the original in Liberty Square, whose food I never tried — simply hung a vinyl banner over the old signage, advertising “Mediterranean Cuisine”. It’s a mishmash of Turkish, Armenian, Greek, Middle-Eastern, and American, plus breakfast items. I pulled over by to yank a menu and check out the scene. A somewhat sullen lad was at the counter, and a really large crew of young kids, moms, and others were behind. They have not changed a thing inside.

The food looked okay by 1990’s rollup standards, but nothing I’d seek out. However, I may try the Ramadan Iftar menu, just because I like the format. I kinda prefer the North African ways of breaking the fast but hey they might surprise me. The fact that they put together such a menu means they are not just phoning it in, even if they don’t have a top exec chef. So I’ll try it eventually.

They opened a couple weeks ago, no yelp listing, no media coverage that I can see. So yea, that’s scoop #4 for me this year so far.


They do have a website

They do, yea that’s where I grabbed the iftar menu image. It actually explains their new location which is a nice change for me after sleuthing multiple websites and lack of relevant info for A Lee 88 lol

Huh, didn’t know they had changed owners. That explains why it sucked last time (Waltham location, maybe a year ago). I always preferred the Watertown original, but hadn’t been there in that timeframe. These days, if I’m in a kebab kind of mood, I prefer Peshawari Kebabs in Waltham (not exactly comparable to Greek, I realize), but there was a time when Demos’ simple lamb kebabs and fries really hit the spot.

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Yea I went maybe last fall it was very bad and slow, there were only 2 guys in the whole place. Peshawari is okay, I like Cafe Vanak right now, my top place for Kebabs and I’ve tried so many places, Med. Grill on Mass Av Cambridge, Lazuri is very good, Darul Kebab, Zam Zam, Hafez, Shiraz, Roxsanna, etc etc