Boston Globe article on Chowhound redesign

See link in this thread and reply there…


I was pretty tickled to see that in the Globe this morning.

Glad to find another site - I always relied on the Chowhounds for picking new places, hope more migrate here

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This site is such a blissful relief from the chaos of the Chowhound redesign.


Chowhound is a prime example of a redesign gone horribly wrong. Instead of consulting users, they thought they knew what users wanted. HUge mistake for which they are paying dearly.


At least so far, I’m finding this site immensely usable.


Just chiming in that I like this site too! The new CH bums me out.

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I’m enjoying this new site as well. One question, though, can someone tell me how to disable email notifications? I really don’t want all the emails. Thanks.

Nevermind, just figured it out.

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And this via LA Times:

“Die-hard Chowhounds have made do amid duress since the dawn of the site,” says Leff, the Chowhound co-founder. “Bad interfaces can be helpful; they filter out the Olive Garden set. The emigrés will make room for new blood, fresh perspectives and a new crop of chow tips. A bit of churn in a nearly 20-year-old online community might be a good thing.”


i think you’re confused. the prolific posters and happy readers of olden times are no longer the demographic desired by cbs.

am VERY surprised the boston board thread about the globe article still remains up and unlocked.

Chowhound posting and traffic has fallen off a cliff. I think the mods are trying to be (temporarily) more even handed and less draconian in their over zealous policing of threads. Ooops, too late.

To me the redesign was a good thing. The moderation has been terrible for a long time. This redesign has given runway to sites like this to regrow a useful community that we all desire. Chow is just trying to sell ads. Not interested.

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A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush & right now it appears they have neither.