Boston Globe 2015 Restaurant Awards MA

Here are the Boston Globe 2015 Awards. Any thoughts?

Never thought much of Devra and this article is another reason why. Strip by Strega? Really? A restaurant with one of the highest number of level 3 health violations in Boston? Impressed by dry ice?!?!? Ugh.

And I know Devra loves Meju, but as a Somerville resident who frequently walks by, it doesn’t appear to me that this enthusiasm is universal.

First - I really enjoy Moody’s Backroom. I was there the night it opened.

But, I have to wonder what kind of meatballs everyone has been eating up until they opened. All anyone talks about are their “incredible” meatballs. They are fine, how meatballs are supposed to taste. They taste the same as the ones I make at home. All good things, I just can’t understand why everyone has decided to focus on them … and has them front and center in every review.

I honestly can’t say. I know Josh, and he is an incredibly nice guy, that wants to share his food. The meatball thing, I think the whipped ricotta helps. But I also think some weygu scraps are getting in there, some other scraps ( chunk of pepperoni to small to slice) is all going into the grinder. That’s what makes them delicious,

Looking forward to visiting the Back Room tonight. What are your favorites?

Bacon and eggs pasta is really good. I loved the duck and frisee salad. And meatballs of course.

sounds like Devra First is leaving the Globe, fwiw.

I think she is probably stepping down as the Globe restaurant critic to take over her new duties as editor of the food section. Just a guess, though.

ah, didn’t think of that

You are correct according to the first sentence of the article linked to on twitter:
“This is Devra First’s last review. She will become food
editor when Sheryl Julian steps down at the end of the year. A new
restaurant critic will be announced in coming weeks.”

d’oh, my bad. I’m at work, did not read the article (heh)

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