[Boston/DTX] Jianbing (Chinese Crepe) at Yum Yum Noodle in Corner Mall

So, I work around there and I noticed the addition there. Anyone tried it? Anyone has experience with the dish elsewhere for comparison?


I’ve had excellent jianbing in Beijing and terrible jianbing by the Great Wall. (Bad enough that I threw it out after two bites.)

I’ve had one of the Yum Yum versions, with the long cruller (fried dough stick, youtiao) as the main filling. The cruller was a bit stale (fished out of a bag), and the other fillings were less varied than the Beijing variety (no cilantro, e.g.). But it was good enough that I’d like to try the Shandong-style version they offer, with the cracker (baocui) filling.

Yeah, I did enjoy it, but noticed distinct lack of cilantro that was mentioned in most of the recipes. But it was definitely a pleasure to watch the man work. Skill and care clearly showed he must have made 1000s before…

I also noticed, when I was at Kam Man in Quincy, that they are offering Jainbing (right hand side, as you walk into the grocery, next to bakery). Alas, I was full and couldn’t try it, but looks like they are invading around here.


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The “Tianjin Style” food truck by the Chinatown T stop sells these as well.

I honestly think it’s just a fad for people who have had the dish on a daily basis earlier on in life and miss it for that reason alone, not because the dish itself is anything particularly astonishing.

That said, the food truck did a pretty good version of it (with the aforementioned baocui on offer, along with a few other additional fillings), and they also sell some well-regarded squid and chicken hearts at really low prices. I also tried the tofu jelly, which again is satisfying for those who miss it but not necessarily a revelation for those new to it. I soaked my youtiao/cruller in the tofu soup, just like old times, and it was a good experience.

hot eastern in chinatown and beijing cafe in allston also have jianbing on the menu

How do you like them?