[Boston] Drinks & dinner - Yvonne's or Ruka

I’ll be in town for a couple of days at the end of March for a work thing. Looking to get out and away from the business event for a fun night with cocktails and interesting food with a couple of buddies.

I’ve seen the great comments on Yvonne’s but am intrigued by Ruka. What is your recommendation between the two? I can split cocktails and dinner between the two, or stay at one of them for both parts of the evening.


I’m sure a more “regular” poster may have deeper insights. I’ve only been to Yvonne’s (been a few times) and have enjoyed the food, cocktails, service, and environment. So I’d recommend it, just can’t compare the two for you.

The only thing I tell people before they go to Yvonne’s is that they include a “kitchen appreciation” charge to the bill (not part of the tip) which is a practice I just think is total crap - but I still enjoyed the food/etc as I said above. Just so you know.

We have been to Yvonne’s a few times and once to Ruka. They are quite different. I like your idea of drinks at one (Yvonne’s) and then dinner at Ruka. The food at Ruka is outstanding.

Haven’t been to Ruka but we really enjoy Yvonne’s. Can’t dispute the comments about $$$ - it is pricey, but really fun. Check out the artwork in the lounge. Look closely - not quite as they seem from a distance. The cocktail service has evolved, they are currently offering tableside cart service for some classics. The “feasts” for 2+ people that we have sampled have all been superb.

The menus are pretty different - I prefer the food at Ruka, though the environments at both are great.

Thanks for your helpful comments. I’m planning on drinks at Yvonne’s and then dinner at Ruka. Will let you know how it goes.