Boston college area dinner

hey Bostonian. Short notice but a friend is bringing their son for a college visit to BC - tomorrow (Friday). They are staying in that area.

They just texted and want to meet for dinner. Any quintessential BC area restaurants that someone visiting the school would like (and where there parents wouldn’t mind going either)?

I haven’t explored that area much other than MDM noodles - and the chestnut hill mall.

Shake shack
Daikanyama (inside bloomingdales)
Sycamore (newton center )

If they’re willing to venture to Beacon Street, there’s Barcelona and The Abbey.

Ribelle in Washington Sq. Brookline.

Recently renamed 1665 Beacon to clear up any confusion if the OP explores further.

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Good point if someone else comes across this. But I’ve been following the drama. :wink:

Too late for you and your friends, but the next time I find myself in the Newton/Chestnut Hill area, Little Big Diner is the place I want to try.

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Thanks everyone - we ended up at 1665 Beacon (Ribelle - whichever it is now, sign is still Ribelle on the front). It was far from packed (which I surprised by given it was a beautiful Friday night). Server was great.

We had the caesar salad, duck confit, cacio e pepe, beef short rib, and an agnolotti special with escargot. They were all good but we had differing opinions on them. No one thought they were bad but opinions of all the dishes ranged from good to great.

For example, some loved the agnolotti no questions while others felt the sauce was too acidic, fighting with the richness of the sauce.

The cacio e pepe was good but I found it dry - though I liked the flavors. The pasta was apparently made with corn (assuming a corn pure but didn’t ask) which I though was interesting but the corn flavor didn’t come through over the cheese and pepper.

We’d all go back.

Thanks again


I myself, love the cacio e pepe :slight_smile: Oysters to start, I’m in heaven :smile:

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