Boston Chinatown seafood faves

I will be in Boston for a few hours next Monday and would love some recommendations for a great Chinatown seafood experience.


I don’t have a long history in Boston but I had a very enjoyable seafood meal at Peach Farm in Chinatown. It is one of the places with live tanks so what they have changes but everything we had was great.

+1 Peach farm. Also East Ocean City is a little nicer (not in a basement) but is typically a little more expensive. Food is about the same, both are very good. I prefer Peach farm.

You can also try New Jumbo or Gaga seafood, I have less experience with those. All of these restaurants are Cantonese seafood restaurants and have very similar menus.

+1 Peach Farm

Have a steamed live fish, braised abalones and some prawn/ conch dishes and it’ll be seafood heaven.