[Boston/Chinatown] Revisting -- China King - any new recs?

Taking a visiting team member (from Germany) and a few local team members who don’t venture into Chinatown much to experience China King and their duck. I haven’t been there in a good 2-3 yrs, and I don’t really remember much of the menu outside of the duck.

Any recommendations we should consider? I grew up eating Chinese, so I favor authenticity, but my DCs are fairly inexperienced with authentic Chinese food. One is quite adventurous, so I think he’ll be fine. Not so sure about the visitor and the others.


Found out they’re closed.

This is so sad.

Permanently closed? :frowning:

We ate in China King a few years ago and liked it. But we like its two neighbors, Taiwan Cafe right next door, and Five Spices House across the street, much more. Where did you see that they were closed? Their website is still active, and Google Maps does not list them as “permanently closed.”

Yelp says they are permanently closed.


Yeah, I was hoping to book a table to take a visiting coworker. Tried the entire weekend at the end of January to reach them and couldn’t. I had the same thought you did - nothing online showed they were closed nor did the phone # say it was no longer in business.

Finally gave up and took my coworker elsewhere. When we walked by China King that night I saw the windows papered over, and Yelp was changed to show it closed. :tired_face: