Boston china town dinner suggestion

I need a suggestion for dinner in Boston’s China Town Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Myself and newly vegetarian son.

Used to go to Ho Yuen Ting relatively frequently with a martial arts group many decades ago but I understand the restaurant is no longer.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

Taiwan Cafe is one of my favorites. If you give more specific criteria, I bet others in the group can add more tailored suggestions.

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New to the area so I have only been to three so far. All of which I have liked, would return to, and were recommended through HO and CH.

I have no idea about the vegetarian twist, I just wasn’t paying attention to that when I was there.

Peach Farm
Windsor Dim Sun
Q hot pot.

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I really like Taiwan Cafe, that has already been mentioned, but there is a new place just across the street, Five Spices House, 58 Beach Street, that is really terrific. We (a group of six various eaters) loved it this past October.

I believe Ho Yuen Ting still exists, but under a different name: Best Little Restaurant.

See .

Does that include seafood? If so, New Golden Gate or Peach Farm.