(Boston, Cambridge) Walk-ins at Oleana? where else?

There are no online reservations available tomorrow. It would be an early dinner, around so 5 or 530 pm. Would Oleana be likely have any tables set aside for walk-ins? or bar seating for walk-ins? I realize I could call, just asking in case anyone knows offhand.
What about Sarma,which I realize that is in Somerville?
Where else would you suggest in Cambridge within a half hour walk of Harvard Yard? How is Puritan & Co?

Sarma is a good bet for a walk in at that time

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given the wind and rain, we decided to stay closer to Cambridge. I reserved a table for Loyal Nine, which turned out to be good for our group of 4.
I hope to visit Sarma and Oleana on a future trip, when I can make reservations in advance, and the weather is more pleasant.


For future reference, I waited in line at Oleana a few weeks ago. We got there around 5:20 and there were about 15 people in front of us. We got the second to last table on the patio. If we’d been trying to fill in the walk-in seats inside only, we likely wouldn’t have gotten one. If you get there around 5, you’d definitely be able to grab at least a bar seat, but wouldn’t rely on much if you got there at 5:30.


Thanks for letting me know, sorry not to respond until now