[Boston, Back Bay] Il Tartufo e Il Vino at Eataly

Decided to give this pop-up a whirl before it vanishes. They have an $18 two-course menu that is an excellent value. I had the daily crudo (scallop) followed by skate wing, my SO the chicken liver followed by beef agnolotti. The truffle supplement on her pasta was more than the 2-course menu, but a worthwhile splurge. The crudo was decent, though not in the same league with scallop crudo at Saltie Girl. The skate wing was a treat, I don’t see it often enough. Classic brown-butter sauce, garnished with asparagus slivers and roasted potato. The chicken liver was served with crostini, creamy and funky. The pasta was outstanding, pefectly al dente and the braised beef a nice foil for the truffle. Interesting wines by the glass (a Barolo for my SO, a rosa sparkler for me). If you drive and park in the Prudential, do get your ticket validated - it will more than pay for the truffles.

Menu runs until March 31. I think that may also be the end of the pop-up.



Wow, I wish I could get there for this pop-up. Those food and wine pairings sound so simpatico. Good additional tip on the parking validation, too.

Agreed. And Monterey Seafood Watch categorizes skate as “yellow” sustainability (somewhere between green and red).

I love skate, as long as someone else skins if for me before I cook it. I see it frequently enough at New Deal, and even in the bigger Chinese markets, but surprisingly not on local menus either.

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Skate wing is the Tuesday weekly special at Eastern Standard, got one last week. Very tasty.


Thanks - I’ll have to check it out. The last time I had skate at a restaurant locally was many moons ago at Rendezvous in Central Sq (RIP – I’ll never get over that closing).


Yeah, we miss Steve Johnson and Rendezvous. We need to make a pilgrimage to his place in Tiverton RI, Red Dory.


As in, every Tuesday?

That’s what the menu implied, but I don’t go there often enough to know for sure.