Boston Area Restaurant Supply (equipment not food)

Does anyone know if Boston has a restaurant supply store that is open to the public? I’m looking for large pans/stock pots, a steamer insert, and 1/4 sheet pans (right now, but I used to shop my other one fairly regularly). I know we have Restaurant Depot (and I’m a member) but they really don’t have a large equipment section, they are more food driven.

In Columbus Ohio we had Wasserstrom, which was an insanely great resource for anything kitchen/restaurant - I have tons of 1/2 sheet pans, large pots, lobster bibs, pre-cut parchment, cake pans, etc, etc, etc all from them. Boston must have something along those lines but I’m having a hard time finding it.


I can’t say I have experience directly with them, but there used to be a kitchen equipment store called Eagle in Chinatown. I checked online and it looks like they’ve relocated to South Boston/Dorchester on Old Colony Ave, that’s not too far from Andrew T station.
Eagle Kitchen Equipment

There are two interesting places in Newton, although I haven’t been in either one in years: Boston Showcase Company, 66 Winchester Street and China Fair, 70 Needham Street. I don’t know if Boston Showcase sells to the public, but China Fair certainly does. And I have had good mail-order experiences with a Canadian company,

I just saw that China Fair also has a Cambridge location,

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I was also going to chime with China Fair. My local one is in Porter Square, on Mass Ave. The place is HUGE. I bet developers have their eye on that space but the owners just keep hanging on.


The online site is pretty good if nothing local pops up. Best deal on parchment sheets I can find.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

China Fair - for anyone who comes across this chain - is a fun, great resource but in my opinion it is definitely for home kitchens. I’ve only been to the Newton location so I don’t know if the Cambridge location is significantly different.

I’m looking for a steamer insert for an 80 qt stock pot - it is a huge pot my family uses for large lobster/seafood boils, steams, etc. China Fair doesn’t handle anything of that size. But they are probably somewhere I should go for the sheet pans.

I think I’ve found what I need online but was hoping for a local supply store. I’ll have to check out Eagle next time I’m down that way too.

China Fair also does restaurant supply. They write on their website that they have stock pots from 16qt to 140qt in stock. I’d give them a call.

Thanks for that - I’ll swing into the Newton store before I do anything online. I’ll have to check out the Cambridge location too.

The Cambridge location has had large sized things in the past. Over the last year or two, though, they have shifted emphasis to party supplies: paper plates, and the like – but they’re still worth checking out. The room at your far right (as you enter) is probably your best bet, but the basement might also be a place to look.

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Restaurant City Providence. Open to public, no membership. I don’t recall their pot sizes so best to call.


Welcome – and what restaurant?

Thanks for the tip.