Boston Area - good things to eat under $15

Almost any sub at New Deal in Revere. My daughter loves the steak and cheese and my wife loves the Italian. I have a soft spot for the chicken Parm. If that’s not your bag there’s a decent Thai restaurant across the street called Rice passions. Pretty good Massman curry at lunch for around 10 bucks.


Flour’s Sticky Bun.

So many things at Tatte.

Dim sum in Chinatown. (2 or 3 dishes would or could run $15. I only tried one place)

I ate at Winsor in Chinatown this morning for the first time in a long time. $5.95 for most dim sum dishes. Can definitely make it a meal under $15 if you pick the more filling dishes like baos or stuffed eggplant. Maybe not so filling with dishes like steamed spareribs or chicken feet. Still tasty though, and was refreshing to not be bumping into everyone (we were there quite early; not an indication of typical crowd size).


Let’s do one better. Almost anything from Gene’s is under $10.