Boston area Chinese New Year?

alright after posting, deleting and now again I’ve decided maybe we could keep this thread for just Boston

Any area restaurants doing anything special for the New Year? I know it starts tomorrow so last minute but life is crazy right now and just having time to think about it.

Mulan is close to me but I would imagine they will be insanely packed Friday so maybe I’ll try checking them out this weekend or in a few days at least.

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Mulan usually have a special menu that they steadfast refuse to translate into English.

So true. . . .

The day before New Year is when families traditionally come together for a big meal. Then when New Year comes families go to each other’s homes to wish each other happy new year, eat and socialize.

So, the restaurants may be packed starting tonight.

We once tried dinner at Shangri La for Chinese New Year. But they were so swamped, and so unable to cope with the crowd, that it was a miserable experience. At the time we were regulars there, to put it mildly – we’d eaten there once weekly for about five years – but they lost our order, did not even give us rice, despite our pleading that one of us was hypoglycemic and might faint, and were brusque and unfriendly. The experience so soured us on the restaurant, that our visits since have been far less frequent.

(And the food, even the NY specials, was less tasty than the food usually is there.)

We do do dim sum routinely in Chinatown for New Year’s, but pick a time and day over this period when the crowds are manageable. I believe the parade this year is on February 25.

Had dim sum at Great Taste, 2/17. There was not anything "special"on the printed menus, but perhaps you had to be in the know. The dishes all sang, especially the justifiably celebrated turnip cakes with XO.

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