Booze drying up in Michigan

This is very real. If not corrected, us Michigan imbibers will be drinking lighter fluid by Thanksgiving.


… or hand sanitizer.

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Tsk tsk…mouth wash and cough syrup are in more readily-drinkable bottles than hand sanitizer.


Homemade vanilla extract made with bourbon or vodka(aged six months) or cooking sherry…Just kidding!


Two weeks later, and it appears this “shortage” is still not solved…

Still not fixed…

You’d think with all the advanced technology /computer programming available in this day and age they’d be able to straighten it out. Sounds to me like they’re getting what they’re paying for.

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The owner of a liquor store we’ve patronized for years has about $1.5 million in inventory always for sale. You can spend $130 for a fifth of Tequila in his store. Or, $220 for a small batch fifth of Scotch. What he can’t shelf right now is the fifths that pay his rent: Gordon’s, Gilbey’s, Ezra Brooks, Jim Beam, Canadian Club, Ballantines…

And those >$20 a fifth brands are what generate the handsome tax revenues for the state, so…


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