Bone In Hams - Houston Grocers Fail

Why oh why do Houston grocers think bone in hams are a holiday food only??? I can occasionally count on Kroger to have a few, but lately not even they have offered it.

When the weather turned ever-so-briefly less than blazing last weekend, I really wanted to bake a ham. I got jalapeno/cheese sausage instead, not a good substitute (even though it was Eddy’s and I love Eddy’s).

I mean, Honeybaked Hams doesn’t close between holidays, does it?

WTH, this just put me in a bad mood.

Food Town usually has those Cook’s brand bone in hams.

How do you prepare them? Cool weather is coming.

Cooler weather is what caused the search. I just bake them, 20 mins per pound. I don’t use glaze or other adornment. I remember as a kid those hams with rows and rows of cloves jammed in them, and hoping against hope not to get a piece with the wretched clove in it. I’ll check food town next time I have the time and inclination to bake a ham. I think there’s one on Dairy Ashford or Kirkwood between Briar Forrest and Westhiemer?

It’s 98 degrees “feels like” today. Come on fall.

Wilcrest and Briar Forest. They’ll be in the display to your right as you walk in.

Agree about the cloves. Looks cool, but tastes … “incongruous”.

I saw bone-in hams at Aldi today. Ranging from .99/lb for a huge shank to 1.75/lb for their honey-baked, spiral sliced offering, I think.

Yeah, I can remember seeing hams regularly at Foodtown but I seldom go anymore.

Off topic a bit, but how widespread is Aldi in the US? They (along with Lidl) are really shaking up the supermarket landscape here in the UK. My supermarket spend is down nearly 20% since they opened near me, but I’ve yet to see any bone-in hams there, sadly.

Aldi is new to our area within the last few years. As far as I know, they are mostly in the far flung suburbs. I made the 1/2 hour drive to one once and I loved the prices. For everyday shopping, it would be my regular if it were closer. They are expanding across the US though, so we may get one yet.

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I saw the hams at Aldi but like the looks of the Cook’s hams better.

I like Aldi a lot, but I don’t know if they would be my usual store. I’ve never bought meat from them but I like their dairy, vegetables, cheeses, chocolates, chips, pastas and canned goods.

BTW, I was in Food Town a couple of days ago and they did NOT have the hams up front, but I didn’t notice if they had them back in the meat department.

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