Bombay River Red Bank

I had another good, cheap lunch there yesterday. Since they opened, this place has been at the top of my Red Bank lunch list right alongside NOTB and IMG. I had the weekend buffet yesterday and everything was fresh and tasty. Their lunch specials are big and filling, I even like their salad bowls a lot.

For a treat for two, I often get one of their “fajitas” and we share it. I like their Indian take on a fajita and it’s enough for both of us.

One note for spice heads, you have to ask for your proper level of heat - their default is mild.

The only fault I find with their food is that their lamb chops are not as good as Aarzu, but then again those may be my favorite lamb chops in the world.


A day late, but just saw this on IG:


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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold