Bologna-Spring 2024

We are planning a two week trip to Bologna in Spring of 2024. I wnt through the recent posts on Bologna and there are not very many of them. we have not been to that city in over 20 years. If anyone has been there recently and has any suggestions, I would appreciate them.

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I have eaten recently and several times over the last 35 years at Da Cesari at Via de’ Carbonesi, 8, 40123 Bologna BO, Italy. It is a good example of typical Bolognese food. What is different about the currently most touted places is pretty much the price, not the menu.

Just returned from a business trip to Bologna.

For gelato.

For pasta

For crescentine


Thank you.

A few years ago, my first time in Bologna, I stayed at the bed and breakfast Santo Stefano, which is just a few doors down from the gelateria… :slight_smile:

Must be amazing to have to go to Bologna for work! You work in the food industry? Unfortunately, Italy is not a popular destination for the industry I work in.