Bologna price in Marin County, CA

Today I went to a local grocery store, Mollie Stone’s, to get my mother some bologna. It’s hard to find around here - too low-rent, I guess. (I actually ordered a bologna and pickle sandwich at the same store a few years ago, and the deli workers started laughing at me - whatever.) I didn’t look at the price, but this store is known for its high prices. When I went to check out, it turned out to be $15.99 a pound - for bologna!!! I thought “I have to post this on HO because I would love to hear the comments!”
Okay - have at it. What does beef bologna cost where you shop?

Bologna can have such big differences in quality - what brand did they have ?
Looking on Instacart Safeway (in Redwood City) for example has Oscar Meyer Bologna (which tastes horrible) at $12/lb and Boars Head (which is OK but far from great) at $13/lb

I didn’t look to see what brand it was, but I’m assuming it’s something similar to Boar’s Head or at a higher level. I’ll have to check next time I’m there. They do tend to carry quality stuff. I’ve noticed that they carry bologna at the local Whole Foods. I’ll have to check the brand and price.

:scream: Were you shopping in Belvedere?

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Does mom like Lebanon bologna or ring bologna.
I bet those young punk clerks wouldn’t laugh at that!

Sausalito. The prices across the board at Mollie Stone’s are ridiculous. I rarely go there unless I just need one thing or it’s something (like bologna) that I know they have.

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Yeah - they wouldn’t laugh because they wouldn’t have any idea what those are! Also - it was mature ladies who laughed, not young punks…

Now that’s pretty Marin-like!


Westchester county NY.
$10.99/lb for Boars Head beef bologna.
$6/lb for store brand regular bologna.

$15/lb is what I would expect to pay for a good, imported mortadella.


Don’t get me started!

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I was thinking “maybe we are talking mortadella”.


Nope - just plain old beef bologna!

Here in Greater Portland Maine the better sliced deli like Dietz & Watson is $6 to $8/lb. Oddly Boar’s Head is NOT in the 2 big chains-- Hannaford’s or Shaw’s. The cheap store brand is $4.


Does Mollie Stone’s provide medical insurance, paid family leave, or jus huge profits for the owners?

They are located just off Bridgeway maybe two blocks from the Richardson Bay waterfront in one of the wealthiest demographics in the world. Not exactly a class c property in an inexpensive location. By the way they do pay medical, dental, and vision with life insurance, pension, and commuter discounts.

Simply appalling. (Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t punk their own system by providing these benefits only for, e.g., 30+ HPW workers and then employing large numbers of part-timers…)



It makes us happy when you’re healthy & happy


Take that trip you’ve been longing for!


Eat well with your 20% discount groceries

Actually Mollie Stone has a pretty good reputation as employing a high level of not-part time worker, unions etc.


Thank you, interesting info. I just couldn’t see why @curmudgeon was dissing them without even bothering to google their information. I mean, how hard was it to simply look it up and learn the fact that they offer good benefits?

Appalling, as we’ve both said. In different ways, of course.