Bob's Shanghai in Rockville

No doubt I was going to Bob’s For their soup dumplings, the only question being pork or crab/pork. I went with the latter which were super as usual. Although, it could be that the soup in the pork dumplings is fattier - which is a good thing in my book.

Next up was a dish I’ve never had before: roasted peanuts with seaweed. Turns out that the peanuts are rubbed with a fine powder that is both seaweed and sugar. Funky and sweet. And addictive.


Just some info/side note about Soup Dumplings.
Actually the Broth in the Xiao Long Bao is almost Fat free. Made with Pork Bones and Skin.
The Pork used is usually about 70/30 Lean to Fat. Some of that stays in the Filling and some melts into Soup Broth.
The quality of the Soup (aspic when Cold) is really what gives the super rich Flavor.

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