Bobby and Sophie on the Coast

New tv show I just watched; terrific. I’d love to try all those restaurants in Hollywood. They also visit a cat cafe!

I watched it as well. Tickled me to think of Sophie "working ".

The cats were interesting but I don’t think I’d want to eat with them. Bobby sure is in to cats!

One of those places, “Jitlada”, was also featured on Top Chef and in a book by food “critic” Jonathan Gold.

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My daughter doesn’t care for Bobby but I like him and I’m encouraging her to watch this. They just had coffee with the cats. (They’ve placed almost 2,000 cats into homes, I think.) All the places they went to looked great, especially Nancy Silverton’s place, The Barish, in the Roosevelt Hotel. Would love to try Jitlada.

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Jitlada is fantastic. The food is incredible and the owner, Jazz, is friendly and welcoming.

Fair warning, the food is very spicy hot. My husband doesn’t eat anything except mango with sticky rice there because his heat tolerance is low.


I’m not a fan of Bobby Flay, but thought I’d give the show a try based on your recs. I enjoyed it, much to my surprise. Now we’re thinking of planning a trip to LA and staying at the Roosevelt Hotel.

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Told you so … HA HA. I’m five hours away, in SF, I think it’s been over 30 years since I’ve been there but … I’ll bet this show increases tourism to LA. Since the show is “on the coast” wonder if he visits SF …how did they get the name Barish? What does it mean?

As a librarian, I had to look up Barish. From the restaurant’s website : “Taking its name from Silverton’s paternal grandmother’s family”…Kind of an odd name for an “Italian steakhouse”.

We’re in Marin County. We’ve been going to LA every few years to visit various museums, etc. I wasn’t a huge fan, but, the last time we went, we had such a good time that my attitude has improved!


It’s pretty pricey I’ll bet! Have you been to any of these places?

I’d like to try making Thai curry from scratch; my daughter has made some tasty ones lately but uses curry paste mixes.

Is this a FN show?


Who’s Sophie?

Bobby 's daughter with his first (I think) wife.

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Who’s Bobby. Flay ?



Edited because too short.


You aren’t missing anything by not knowing!


They also did shows in New York before. I am not a big Bobby Flay fan but I enjoy him with his daughter.

Hey! The much acclaimed Langers. Hopefully I catch that one.

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Second show wasn’t half as good as the first one!


How so? I haven’t seen it yet - it’s on the DVR.