Bob Lobster [Newburyport MA]

Another glorious Saturday so we decided to head north, to Plum Island. We got there around 11 am and there wasn’t too much of a line getting in but there is a highly inefficient system for entry - you grab an envelope and stuff the fee box with your $5 on the honor system. Of course, we saw people blowing through without paying (but I suppose some people don’t carry cash or don’t have exact change). By the time we left around 1 pm, looong line to get in. We had a great day hiking and playing on the beach. Stopped at Bob Lobster, which was quite busy but we managed to squeeze into a spot (we drive a Mini). Nabbed a picnic table, food came out quickly and we proceeded to stuff ourselves on a heaping fisherman’s platter (for 1…thank gawd we didn’t get the 2-person portion), lobster roll, and hot dog for spring onion. The clams and scallops were especially sweet and tasty, plentiful lobster in the roll. In the platter, there was also fried white-fleshed fish (cod, I guess) and shrimp. I almost never eat fried scallops and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them, We brought home about 1/3 of the platter. Full-on sun, a few Riverwalk IPAs later, we rolled out and made 1 last beach stop at the end of Plum Island, next to the marina. We finally are starting to feel near-normal!


On second thought, it may have been halibut since they were in big chunks. But wouldn’t that be prohibitively expensive in our neck of the woods? Does cod come in big chunks, too, rather than the flat filets that I’m accustomed to seeing?


Sounds like you made the most of the glorious weather on Saturday. Hurray!

Hmmm, if a white-fleshed fish I might guess haddock? Pollock might be another likely possibility. Cod isn’t plentiful as it once was and halibut is of course pricey just as you mention.


One of my favorite places. Good to hear they are open and that you enjoyed it, That might of been cod on your plate. It can be a thicker cut of fish.
The Lobster Pool in Rockport is good too. If you have’t been there.


I think @tomatotomato was correct - it was probably haddock.

Oh, and we’re no strangers to the Lobster Pool - we had our wedding feast there in 2010!