Bob Hyland's Sports Page Memorabilia Auction...

Bob Hyland’s Sports Page in the White Plains Mall is closing. An auction was held yesterday that included some of Hyland’s personal sports memorabilia collection as well as restaurant equipment and supplies such as glassware, etc. There may still be items left over, if you are interested. For info you can try calling the restaurant: 914-437-8721, or contact Rick’s Auctions:
The old White Plains Mall is slated for a major renovation. I do remember, though, when Bobby Hyland opened the original Sports Page on Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains where Lombardo’s is now…met many of the pro athletes who came to visit Bob during that time. Bob, of course, had been a pro football star and local favorite son…

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“There may still be items left over”

Nope … gotta be there the day of!

Actually, just spoke with Big Rick on the telephone and yes, there is plenty of merchandise left. You can call him directly and check out the site above…

I did!

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