Bluebird BBQ - Burlington, VT

Last weekend we had lunch at Bluebird BBQ (I don’t know if they do lunch during the week but the signs out front seemed to imply they only do lunch on the weekends) and I found it really delightful. We order four small plates and shared them. It very filling and we took home leftovers.

The pulled pork poutine was OK. Had actual cheese curds (wonder where they get them) and the gravy was good. The pulled pork on top would have been wonderful but they added some of their Texas red sauce on top. There’s some herb or spice in the red sauce I don’t care for. It was also a huge small plate, bring your appetite. We never were able to finish it (and it didn’t transport well for the next day).

The cheddar ale dip with toast, that was brilliantly good, very filling but so good.

The pork belly was a long, thick cut and perfect for sharing. It was gloriously fatty and salty and the mustard sauce it was served with cut the fat and salt nicely. If I’d had to consume it all on my own, though, it would have been too much. So yeah, definitely share this one!

Really enjoyed the cornmeal coating on the onion rings. They were thin slices of onion, not thick, and there were a LOT of them. The ranch dip that came with was also wonderful.

I can’t remember how much this cost us but it was on the order of $9 a plate I think. I think the onion rings were $5.

Still, this is a nice location, right on the river (though up on a high bank) with good parking (on both sides of the building). The staff are friendly if a little inexperienced (college student age servers and a little easily distracted), the tables are comfortable and not jammed in too close. They have several different dining rooms and a bar.