Blue Diamond Almonds.......

For those of you who are like me and enjoy snacking on almonds, Blue Diamond has assorted flavored almonds that are better than any others I have tried.

From salted caramel, habanero BBQ to toasted coconut they are delicious and very addicting! Try them I bet you’ll like them!!!

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I remember as a kid, my dad would eat the Smokehouse flavor almonds and I’d always steal a few from his bowl! I bought a can a while back for old time’s sake.


Very expensive here in flyover country. Very. Expensive.

I did just buy a 6 OZ bag of Roasted. Salted Almonds from Wonderful. Had a $1 off coupon. I’m good for the next year or so.

FWIW, according to Dr. Andrew Weil, if you are looking for the anti-inflammatory benefits of almonds, they have to be raw. These are not very flavorful. I used to combine them with TJ’s tamari almonds in a 3:1 ratio, which made for a tasty mouthful. Alas, TJ dumped them ages ago. I don’t care for their spicier ones. I tried to make my own using low sodium soy sauce but couldn’t crack the method. Blue Diamond is too salty for me. So plain raw it is…sigh.

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I love these too - the Salt and Vinegar, Sriracha and Soy/Wasabi are awesome. They used to make a great Chile Lime but I think those have been discontinued.

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I just saw tamari almonds at whole foods the other day in the bulk bins.
I can’t deal with raw almonds when they’re so much more delicious roasted and salted- i get plenty of nutrient dense anti-inflammatory foods elsewhere

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Once in a while i get the smokehouse flavored ones, they’re a bit much for me to just snack on more than a few as is. I like them most chopped a bit and added to salads, the smokey salty flavor really perks up the greens


We roast almonds regularly and usually just eat them unsalted or lightly salted. How’s the tamari compared to salted?

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Smoked Blue Diamond almonds proved to be an excellent substitute for bacon in last year’s Thanksgiving dressing (when we added a vegetarian to our gathering). I made a separate casserole dish for her, and while I didn’t think it was as good as the bacon version it was certainly tasty and she gobbled it up.


Restaurant Depot carries raw almonds whole, sliced, slivered or chopped for about $20 for a 3.8# bag. We use them in Granola & other stuff. I can’t stand buying that sort of thing in the grocery store. The prices just kill me.

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