Blue Bottle sold a majority stake to Nestle.

First the cheese. Then the beer. Now coffee too.

Blue Bottle sold a majority stake to Nestle.

Ehh. The first time I went when they were just in that alley in Hayes Valley I thought it was too expensive. And I don’t buy beans from roasters that sell them in those little 12 ounce packages - I like at least a pound bag or I’m having to buy more too often. So no effect on me.

Their coffee is OK . I like cafe Graffeo much better.

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No argument on Graffeo, but I’d sooner drink Starbucks than Blue Bottle.


I enjoy BB’s decaf, one of the better ones. But it’s a sell-out - necessary to survive, probably; but you can’t keep great quality and sell on an expanded regional/national basis. There simply isn’t that much really high quality coffee beans on the market.

People may or may not believe in accelerated climate change, but the hotter weather is having a real effect on coffee bean harvests and it’s only going to get worse.

We’re erratic coffee drinkers so we just buy Peet’s because it’s convenient. We prefer Turkish grind which flummoxes many places but Peet’s takes it in stride. But no way is it as good as it was before they sold to Big Business.

We switched to the Organic French Roast recently. Not bad. Our favs are probably Flying Goat and Mr. Espresso, LOL.

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Interesting article about Nestle in today’s New York Times:

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