Blue Bottle, Cambridge, MA

Wow. Blue Bottle is coming to Cambridge, and then to Boston!!! according to the Boston Globe.

“The first Blue Bottle store is slated to open next fall at 40 Bow St. in Cambridge. The coffee company is about to sign a lease for another store in the Back Bay, and is also examining other locations for further expansions in 2018.”

I’ve enjoyed Blue Bottle in several places in the SF area but found the NYC location I tried (I think it was the Highline store) disappointing; maybe some of the others are better? Seems like many chains don’t do so well when they expand from their original areas. I’ll certainly try them once they show up here but won’t be holding my breath.

I have only had coffee at the original. I will be disappointed if this location is a shadow of the San Francisco shop. Time will tell, and it is a challenge that I am willing to take!

Do you know if they are franchising or keeping ownership in the family?

It’s not franchised but relatively tight controlled VC approach

BTW, Bono is an investor. Not that it will make the coffee better or worse. But they raised tens of millions I think last year from investors. Time will tell how they maintain control of the company, and the quality of the coffee.