Blue Bottle and Tartine Bakery call off merger

The Tartine / Blue Bottle marriage is not happening apparently… I wonder who’s running away.

I’d really like Tartine to not worry about expanding to Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo, and instead worry about expandng to beyond 18th Street of San Francisco.

Yeah, I wish they’d expand to the East Bay!

I’d be happy with functional counter service at the current location. I live within walking distance and never go; it’s not worth the hassle.

huh, I’ve never really had a problem there. Actually find them fairly efficient considering how crazy busy it is.

You have to reserve the bread to skip the tourist line though. Can’t just drop in impromptu and grab a loaf given the line is usually long and it moves rather slowly.

On a weekday evening, the line is is not very long AND most of the stuff is still available. I typically go around 5:30 pm to pick up bread and pastries and have not had a long wait (most of the times).

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr