" Blooming Garden Chinese Cuisine, 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough " - Decent Cantonese stirred fry.

Recently, I have been hearing good things about this relatively new Cantonese stir-fry restaurant that opened up next door to ‘Casa Deluz’.
Today, taking advantage of some fine fall weather, I decided to trek down from all the way up north to give this new kid a try.
For lunch, to test out their ‘wok-hay’ skill, we ordered the ‘measuring yard-stick dish’ - 'Gone-Chow-Ngau-Ho ’ aka Fried flat rice noodle, ho-fun, with sliced beef. As well, we also give their strongly recommended ’ Sauteed BC clams with black bean sauce ’ a try.

The verdict:
Execution and end products were acceptable but nothing really stood out. The fried Ho-Fun, though tasty, lacked ’ wok-hay ’ aroma…the beef also lacked charred caramelization. IMO, a few establishments along the Hwy#7 stretch like ‘Starchiva’, ‘Chi-Star’ or ‘My wonderful kitchen’ all managed to offer a more superior product. The clams, again was acceptable, the sauce tasty with a touch of welcoming spiciness. However, it’s nothing special to write home about!

For me, the only really standout positive thing was their price-point. Due to perhaps their Scarborough location, their overall pricing was at least 20 - 30% cheaper than that of their Markham/Richmond Hill counterpart. A very nice surprise considering the fine decor and ambience!

If one is from the neighbourhood, ‘Blooming Garden’ provides a decent, clean, contemporary and comfortable venue for some acceptable Cantonese fare. However, for foodie residing up north like myself, first impression of the food lacked attractiveness to lure me back. However, I will keep the option of a re-visit open, if and when another opportunity arises in the future.