Blood Orange season in full swing [San Jose, South Bay]

I adore this place. Great fruit in the midst of suburban sprawl. 12 months a year, real farm stand, varieties of fruits & vegetables that in some cases have all but disappeared.

I am particularly fond of juicing blood oranges. The juice makes superb ice cubes, one of which I float on a margarita.

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They don’t farm there, do they? I don’t ever recall seeing a farm around that highway exit.

How’s their price? What other fruits do you like there?

These days I like the blood oranges of Frog Hollow (among others available around my area, that is). $35 for 10 pounds. Their torocos just came out last week. I think the week before they had the moros.

They do farm there, part of the allure, real Santa Clara Valley fruit. Prices are fair, blood oranges are/were $2/lb. They also had naval oranges, limes, budda’s hand lemons, pommelo and a couple of other kinds of citrus. You cant see the orchards from the highway, but, look at the satellite map and you’ll see it tucked into the neighborhood.

In re Frog Hollow, call me shallow, but if you’re going to lead the high price brigade, you could at least be friendly. Not a fan.

Can you please tell me when I was being unfriendly? I am genuinely perplexed by your observation. And if I was being unfriendly, that certainly wasn’t the intention.

Re: price, I live in the Peninsula where stuff in general are rather pricey. At my market, Twin Girls, Lone Oak are around $3-4/lb these days. Another non-organic vendor is also about $4/lb. Frog Hollow certainly isn’t cheap on an absolute basis, but they are comparable to other vendors when one buys in bulk. I’d love to shop at a market where there are other options, but I’ll have to drive longer distance.

$2/lb is a great price for good fruits. I am not in parts of the area that often these days, but will make a point to stop by next time. Are they mostly citrus or do they have other fruits too?

My guess is that littlebigal has found the Frog Hollow Farm vendors unfriendly. I have noticed the same thing at several farmers’ market locations. It’s as if they are there to chat with each other rather than help you check out or make sure there are samples.

The “unfriendly” reference was not to you, but about the man in charge of Frog Hollow, in the overalls. In spite of the fact that he has the highest prices ( at Ferry Plaza of all places) I did once buy some rare, old variety of pear from him (perhaps Warren) and noticed that they had an odd , almost solvent-like flavor. When I questioned him, next week, in a very civil manner, not whiny at all, all I got was a shrug. No explanation like maybe “That’s how they are”, or “You let it sit too long.” Just a shrug.

Got it.

At the store? or presumably they have a stand at the farmer’s market at FP?

The same people who work at FP market works at my local stand. This big tall guy?

Yes Frog Hollow this year is at $5.5/ pound if bought not in bulk (10 pounds that is). That is almost 60% more expensive than the bulk price.

At the FPFM. The owner, I presume, a sullen guy in overalls who takes the money.

J&P sells seasonal produce 12 months a year! It’s citrus season now, but, for example, their peaches this past summer were exceptional. Everything is tree/vine ripened, totally worth your time. Look at their Facebook page for photos, “j&p farms gourmet fruit”. Do you remember Cosentino’s market in San Jose? Sadly closed, but, this is Phil Cosentino’s farm stand. He seems to be doing this as a labor of love as opposed to a commercial effort.

Phil Cosentino? Isn’t he in his eighties already? Still farming?

I’ve been six or seven times in the last year, seen him three times. He’s a very knowledgeable person and happy to share his well informed opinions. I’ll probably go back some time this weekend.

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And I was wrong. I was told that the Moros will come in a week or so. This week they got the Sanguinello, which is similar to the Torocos.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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